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These days AR Arm braces are everywhere. In one form or another, we’ve seen the popularity of these braces soar right alongside AR-pistols and pistol caliber carbines. Why all the popularity? Well, other than being the new hotness, using an arm brace saves you a lot of hassle; and by a lot of hassle I mean $200 for a tax stamp and several months of your life. That’s right, by using an approved arm brace; you avoid creating a short-barreled rifle. So they are popular, with great reason.

These braces have come a long way since the first Sig brace. These days we have the SB Tactical PDW Brace, the KAK Shockwave Blade, the Maxim Defense PDW brace, and one of our personal favorites, the SBA3 brace.

The SBA3 packs some serious features that really bridge the gap between the arm brace of old and a mil-spec stock. The first thing that stands out about this brace is that it is the first of its kind to fit a mil-spec carbine buffer tube. Next, It is a five-position adjustable arm brace that doesn’t use a setscrew, but a pressure latch like a standard stock.

So how well does it work? Great! Honestly, this thing functions just like you would expect it to. It’s as close to slapping a standard stock on your AR pistol as you can get without a tax stamp. So if you are looking at building an AR pistol, you may want to check into this awesome new brace. Oh, did I mention that it costs less than the SB PDW or Maxim Defense brace? Yep, that’s right. At just $130 this arm brace is worth every cent.

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