If you’re like us and spend enough time wandering the aisles of Costco or browsing suggested items on Amazon, chances are you’ve seen Vaultek safes pop up. So who is Vaultek? Are they any good? And most importantly, are these gun safes worth your hard-earned cash? We’ll do our best to answer those questions and compare the models Vaultek offers here. So let’s get to it!

First off, what is Vaultek about and why is this any different than what is found everywhere products like Bulldog’s lockboxes? Well, according to Vaultek, they are all about innovation, safety, security, and service. But innovation is the one that really stands out to us in their products. That’s what has drawn us to stock, test, and use Vaultek safes for many of us here at Black Flag.

Are Vaultek Safes Any Good?

In short, yes. They are very good. Vaultek’s safes offer great security with a number of innovative features. Bluetooth control, biometric entry, keypads, keyed backups, wifi connectivity, smartphone apps, web control, and customizable interiors are options. In our experience, these little gun safes and lockboxes leave little else to be desired.

gun safe lock
Vaultek VE Series Bluetooth non Biometric

What Vaultek Safe Is The Best?

Vaultek’s lineup is always expanding, so let’s jump right into the different series of safes offered by Vaultek. We’re here to help you decide which one is the best fit for your lifestyle and needs.

Right now, Vaultek has 8 different series of safes in their lineup. They are the: RS Series, MX series, slider series, VT series, 20 series, 10 series, LifePod, and Barikade. Each series boasts a different set of features, sizes, and customization options to fit your exact needs.

home gun safe slider series
Vaultek Slider Series - SE20

The RS Series | Biometric Smart Rifle Safe

These safes are the largest in the Vaultek lineup. They’re available in three different sizes and able to accommodate long guns, handguns, and more. That makes these a great option for a home, office, or cabin to keep your firearms and valuables secure. All the while also notifying you of any and all activity through the wifi-connected app. And let’s be honest, these rifle safes look amazing!

Vaultek RS Series - RS800i
Vaultek RS Series - RS800i

The MX Series | High Capacity Modular Safe

The MX series of safes have all sorts of options for customization: wifi, bluetooth, NFC, biometric entry, and keypad options (to name a few). But what makes the MX series unique is the higher capacity than other series and the ability for you to customize the layout of the interior. Options include an adjustable sliding shelf or the ability to fit the same handgun racks and organizational modules from the RS series of safes. Holding up to eight full-size handguns, this little gun safe doesn’t skimp out on its capabilities.

Vaultek MX Series
vaultek gun safe
Vaultek MX Series

The Slider Series | Compact Rugged Slider Safe

Built to be mounted against a wall, desk, or in a vehicle, the Slider series of safes from Vaultek ensures your defensive firearm is secure while keeping it ready for rapid deployment and use. If you spend a lot of time in your vehicle for work, have young children at home, or need to keep your firearm locked at your workplace, this safe is an excellent option. It’s packed with several access features we’ve talked about. With biometric entry, keypad, backup keys, and the NFC Nano Key, this gun safe can be accessed quickly by authorized persons at a moment’s notice.

Vaultek VT Series Biometric Slider
Vaultek VT Series Biometric Slider
Vaultek VT Series Biometric Slider

The VT Series | Full Size Rugged Smart Safe

The VT series has bluetooth, biometric, keypad, and keyed entry options. This mountable safe can easily store two full size handguns and magazines or other valuables and documents. A great option for a home or apartment or even mounted in a vehicle or RV for extra security while traveling.

Vaultek VT Series VTi
Vaultek VT Series VTI

The 20 Series | Compact Rugged Smart Safe

The 20 series is the largest of the compact, portable safes from Vaultek. These non-mountable safes can be hard pointed to a secure object via the included cable tether for added security. Which makes these a great option when you need extra security with the ability to move your safe easily. (While traveling, in and out of vehicles, RV’s, Boats, etc..). Coming in under $200 this fully connected gun safe is an excellent all-around option to securely store your handgun and valuables.

open black vaultek safe
Vaultek Essential Series VE20
vaultek gun safe
Vaultek Essential Series VE20

The 10 Series | Sub Compact Rugged Travel Safe

The baby brother to the 20 Series safe, the 10 series is an awesome companion for your belongings. Large enough for most full size and compact handguns, but convenient enough to be tossed in a checked bag, this safe is a killer option for an active lifestyle.

black vaultek safe
Vaultek VE10
10 Series Vs 20 Series

LifePod | Weather Resistant Lockable Storage

One of our personal favorites for all kinds of travel, the LifePod is a perfect choice for storing valuable and most sub compact carry guns. This is a go-to gun safe when flying with a Glock 48 for personal protection. With the optional organizer for cards, cash, and other documents, we’ve found the LifePod series of safes to be an excellent choice when on the go. Vaultek recently released the Lifepod 2.0 which allows for greater storage in the same style safe. 


Vaultek Lifepod 2.0
orange lifepod safe
Vaultek Lifepod 1.0
Vaultek Lifepod 2.0

The Barikade | Biometric Compact Safe

Think LifePod with a fingerprint scanner. This new safe from Vaultek is a beast! It has all the features that we love about the LifePod with the added convenience of a biometric fingerprint scanner. This little safe may just be the ultimate convenience for traveling with your carry gun and valuables. Definitely worth checking out!

All in all, Vaultek is offering some fantastic, functional safes out there for storing your firearms and valuables with an array of access options. If you want to see more of them, check out our video comparison or swing by the shop any time. If you’re ready to get your hands on one, come on by or just click the link below to get your safe on its way!

Vaultek Series 1
Vaultek Series 1 and Series 2

The Verdict?

Vaultek offers some of the most competitively priced safes and feature packed safes on the market today. We’re a big fans of them at Black Flag Armory because of what they have to offer in terms of reliability and protection. Whether it’s at home, in the car, on the go, or even in the water, Vaultek has a safe to meet your needs. Firearms or not, Vaultek is something you can trust your valuables with. Swing by the shop and check out what we have available in-store or check out our website to see what else we have to offer from Vaultek. We’ll see you soon!

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