A Great Event Starts With Safety

As a public event, safety is our top priority. To make this happen, we require that all attendees check in with the Range, sign waivers, and check in for the event where they will have their firearms checked, chamber flags given out, and the range rules explained to them.

All Black Flag Armory staff are certified RSOs &/or NRA & NSSF Instructors. We will have RSO’s at every bay controlling each bay, explaining bay rules, as well as roving RSOs throughout the entire event.

To keep everyone on the same page, we hold a safety briefing prior to the start of the event, identifying key individuals, RSOs, medical professionals, medical kits and cover emergency procedures.

How Big is Range Day?

Range Day draws 150-200 people on average. This size presents a greeat opportunity to foster community, educate new shooters, and provides Sponsors and Vendors a great opportunity to reach shooters here in the Rogue Valley.

Previous Range Days


Range day offers sponsors and vendors a great opportunity to engage with local customers. By sponsoring bays, shooting sports and manufacturers can provide local shooters hands-on experience with shooting sports and products that they may have otherwise never had the opportunity to try.

Sponsor & vendor booths will be at each bay as well as in a vendor area alongside local food trucks.