Black Flag Armory is a regular firearm store. The only difference is, well, just about everything. From our goals to the way we handle every aspect of business, we have made the choice to turn the traditional gun buying experience on its head. Because let’s face it, gun stores are long overdue for an update.


So how do we do it? Simple, we put you first. Our goal is to provide you with the absolute best service you have ever experienced when buying a gun. And we do that one on one, meeting with you on your time, and taking all the time you need to help you get exactly what you need. No sales pressure, no pretending you need to know everything to join our special gun guys club.


Whether you’ve never held a gun or been shooting your entire life, education is a priority. Safe, responsible gun ownership starts with you, the gun owner. And we are committed to answering every question you have and teaching you everything you need to know about your gun. As an NRA certified instructor I fell in love with teaching new shooters and have made education a core value of how we approach firearms sales. So when you meet us, ask away, we love sharing our passion for firearms.


We’re not afraid to dream big, and we welcome everyone we work with to have be a part of our dreams and join us on the journey. So where are we headed? First, into a full retail location with the best stock and selection in Southern Oregon. But don’t worry, this will be unlike any retail store you’ve ever set foot in before. Then, we hope to continue to grow our reputation as the best shop in Southern Oregon, partner with instructors and expand our focus on education. Finally culminating into the largest shop and indoor range in Southern Oregon. Where we can bring a totally new, and unparalleled experience to firearms enthusiasts and newcomers alike. We plan to dream big, work hard, and use the best business plan out there. To care.

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