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Black Flag Armory is a new type of Firearm store. From our goals to the way we handle every aspect of business, we have made the choice to turn the traditional gun buying experience on its head. Because let’s face it, gun stores are long overdue for an update.


Like many good origin stories, ours is filled with friendship, lofty dreams, and a catalyst of dissatisfaction. But that might be a bit dramatic for an About Us page on a website. So how did we get started? In 2015 John and Eric walked into a gun shop in Medford OR and 30 minutes later, after being ignored by the owner, we walked out and decided that it was time for a better way of doing business. A few months later, with a couple of personal firearms, a whole lot of paperwork, and a tiny upstairs office we launched Black Flag Armory. 

With our focus on meeting the needs of our clients and providing the best service possible, we struggled through a lack of inventory and no retail space to turn our passion for firearms and education into a tiny business that was growing fast. 

In the past four years, we’ve had the amazing pleasure of moving into a retail space, outgrowing that space and moving into our second retail location, growing our inventory, and even had the opportunity to create a few local jobs here in Medford. Bringing Black Flag Armory to twenty-times its original size in 2020. With our focus on education, training, and exceptional service we hope to continue to grow our inventory, expand our services, and bring you the best experience you have ever have at a gun shop.

Team Members

At Black Flag Armory we value people. We believe that diversity in teams promotes innovation and excellence.

John Humpton
Pirate King - ceo

Eric Gramer

Jae jasper
Minister of Propaganda

Emery Ball

Emery Ball

Kira Hannum
interwebz/gunbroker guru