A couple months ago I decided that I needed to find a dedicated AR multi-tool that had a good set of features and was available for under $40. After way too much time on Google, I found the Wheeler Compact AR tool and this thing is legit!

Okay, so it’s $30, what do you get for the money? A lot actually. Specifically, 23 different tools in a package that measures just 3 ¾” x 5/8” and weighs in at 8.4oz. 

Here’s What this Little Tool is Packing;

  • #2 Phillips Screwdriver
  • 5/64 Hex
  • 7/64 Hex
  • 1/8 Hex
  • Pivot/Takedown Pin Punch
  • T10 Torx
  • T15 Torx
  • T20 Torx
  • 3/16 Flat Blade Screwdriver
  • A2 Front Sight Tool
  • ½” Wrench
  • ¾” Wrench
  • Castle Nut Wrench
  • Bolt Tail, Shoulder, & Carrier Scraper
  • Bolt Lug Scraper
  • Cam Pin Scraper
  • Primer Pin Scraper
  • Bolt Face Scraper
  • Cotter Pin Puller

It’s a pretty beastly package. Everything you need to clean and maintain your AR in a compact handheld multi-tool. There’s not much else to say here, this thing has what you need and it just works! Get your hands on one, toss it in the range bag, and stop asking people for tools at the range!

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