The Advanced Gunslinger Armament HIT Sling: REVIEW

A New Type of Convertible Sling

Over the last few years, we’ve all become accustomed to the normal sling options. Single point, two point, and convertible slings that can be either. But the Advanced Gunslinger Armament HIT sling boasts an innovative new design on the convertible sling.

What makes this sling innovative? Simple. When switching between single and two-point configurations, the sling is never detached from your body. Pretty sweet right?

No matter what happens, you always retain the weapon. No more unhooking the front of your sling and fishing around for the loose end while holding your rifle and trying to get re-connected in a single point.

Cool, but how well does it work? 

Pretty damn well! It’s a new design, so there is about a 15-minute learning curve to get used to your new options, but after that, this sling really starts to shine! Need to cinch up the gun for a long day of hurry up and wait? No problem, adjust as tight as you want to your chest in the two-point configuration and free up your hands for more important work. Like paperwork and lip-sync videos. 

Carrying a light load and want to hike, run, or otherwise move that damn hunk of metal out of your face? Easily push the rifle around your back, and cinch the sling just as tight as it was on your chest. 
Seriously, when pulled up against you, this sling makes your rifle super stable and gives you great freedom of movement. 

Now to address the thing I know you were about to point out. “But what if I need to get the gun up and shoot? Doesn’t having it cinched way up against me in a two-point config make the rifle useless?” NOPE. Another place where the design of the HIT sling shines through. Need to get on the gun Quick? Just yank the front QD pull tab and your rifle is back in a single point config and ready to fire. 

Innovative, fast, and intuitive.

If I had to sum up this sling, that’s how I’d say it. Innovative, fast, and intuitive. Did I mention it does pretty damn well on extended wear? I rocked this thing for twelve hours on a 17 mile hike up Mt. McLaughlin. Despite being a little uncomfortable on my trap over time, it didn’t even leave any cuts or strap burns around my neck or traps. All in all, the HIT sling may very well be a part of the next evolution in rifle slings. I definitely would recommend one. So get out there and train!


The HIT Sling offers a new design that allows you to swap between single and two-point sling configurations without detaching from your body. The sling allows the rifle to be stowed tightly in two-point and rapidly deployed back to single point for firing. It is innovative, fast, and intuitive. 10/10 would recommend.

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