Ever gone to the range and been like, “Oh shit, I don’t have a target?” -Jimmy

A target stand that actually doesn’t suck to take shooting

So at Black Flag Armory we’ve had the good fortune to work with and get to shoot the living hell out of Wundur Pig targets and stands over the past few months and I wanted to take a minute to let you know whether I think they are worth buying or not.

The Pros

These things are light. At just 3.5lbs hauling these around is super easy. It’s definitely a far cry from lugging 20+ pounds of 2×4 around with you. The bases are flexible and stackable. you can fit about 20 with stakes and cardboard into a normal trunk. Not bad for a day at the range or out with friends on public land. They are also super durable. I’ve shot them. a lot. 5.56, 9mm, 45, 22, 6.5 Creedmoor, .458 SOCOM, the rubber eats it all up. Another plus compared to 2x4s or plastic stands. Did I mention they are rubber? So yes, even the Jackson County range in White City will allow them without hassling you. Lastly, Everything that is consumable is super cheap to replace. Shot your uprights? Fine, spend $1 at Lowes on some garden stakes. Used up all your cardboard?
Order some more from the Wundur Pig website or staples some spare cardboard to the stakes.
So would I recommend the stands? Yep, definitely would. I think they do their job, they are easy to set up, use, and store. They are affordable. Just about everything you would want from a target stand. Oh, and did I mention that they don’t blow over easily? Well they don’t, and in especially lousy conditions you can add some weight in the middle section of the base, or even drive a stake through the bases in a pinch.

The Cons

They could be wider. At the uprights the stand is just 13 1/4” wide. Definitely a little narrow for the 18-22” average size for IPDA style cardboard silhouettes and larger paper targets.
Though I will say that I just stapled these target types to the uprights and everything worked perfectly. So while not ideal, the width isn’t a dealbreaker for me.


The stands are pretty awesome! Light, easy to use and transport, affordable. They are a little narrow, but that’s not a big deal. A pretty solid investment for range use or going out with friends. 10/10 would buy.
Full Disclosure: This is my honest opinion of the stands after using them for several months. I was not paid to create this in any way. Yes, we carry these in our shop. Yes, we obviously make profit from the sale of these if you buy them in our shop. The opions expressed in here are mine and mine alone. -John

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