Black Flag Armory is bringing the first public indoor shooting range to Medford Oregon. We will be satisfying a demand in the market while bringing a unique experience to firearm enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

What We Do

education & training

We believe that education and training are essential to responsible firearm ownership. That’s why we will offer training options for all levels of shooters. Empowering Oregonians means educating firearm owners on the safe, responsible, and effective use of their firearms. From purchase to proficiency, we are there for you.

example training modules

Training for real world applications

The training range will offer a wide variety of scenarios and setups for everything from basic handgun safety to law enforcement tactics.

The Features

Monthly Membership pricing

For those wanting to shoot consistently and experience some of the additional perks and services we have to offer, several tiers of memberships will be offered.


And more . . .


Johnathan Humpton

With over fifteen years of management and small business experience and seven years in the firearm industry, John brings a depth of strategic and specialized knowledge to the Black Flag Armory team.

Eric Gramer

With over seventeen years of experience in sales and service, Eric excels at bringing the personal and professional service to life that Black Flag Armory is known for.

James Trantham

Forty years’ experience in project, construction, and organizational management. Managed 100+ employees in an organization with 500+ sub-contractors. Yearly expenditures in excess of 250MM$ while maintaining safety, environmental, cost and compliance excellence.

Our Performance

In the first 4 years of operation, revenue for the shop has grown 12X in revenue and 10X in physical size. Our conservative projections for the range predict a healthy, growing business with great margins for operations and continued growth. We have accomplished this with strong customer service and a creative approach to the firearms industry.

Where do we go next . . .