It is legal to discharge firearms including handguns, rifles, and shotguns on public lands in Oregon and Washington as long as you are outside of designated developed sites and areas that have been closed to shooting due to proximity to residential areas. Consult with the BLM District where you want to shoot to determine which areas are closed. The BLM in the Pacific Northwest does not maintain any designated shooting ranges. While shooting please remember it is illegal to:

•Create a hazard or nuisance.
•Dispose of cans, bottles, and other nonflammable trash and garbage except in designated places or receptacles-pack it in, pack it out.
•Deface, remove, or destroy plants or their parts, soil, rocks or minerals, or cave resources.
•Deface, disturb, remove, or destroy any personal property, or structures, or scientific, cultural, or archeological or historic resource, natural object, or area.

Please select your shooting area with care and follow state regulations, which are enforced by local law enforcement. Target shooters are also encouraged to reduce the risk of wildfire, by only shooting into a backstop of mineral soil and having the required fire extinguisher (or shovel and water) ready at hand. After shooting, be sure to check the target area for any signs of fire.